1977 Atari VCS 2600 – Light Sixer (Sunnyvale CA)


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1977 Atari VCS 2600 – Light Sixer

In stock




Original Atari VCS 2600 from 1977

What’s been done:

  • New high quality electrolytic and Mylar capacitors from Nichicon
  • New voltage regulator by Texas Instrument
  • Re-soldered connections on circuit board
  • Both circuit boards were cleaned in dishwasher
  • All switches and cartridge port were cleaned with electrical contact cleaner
  • Entire console was dismantled and thoroughly cleaned
  • Dismantled joysticks cleaned contacts and  casings

** Six switch console manufactured in Sunnyvale California. Known as the “Light Sixer”. Watch history intro in the restoration video for more information. **

Item was restored in episode 30 of Retro Repair Guy: https://youtu.be/tFaYZo-v8c4

NOTE: Two joysticks were not shown as part of the restoration video.

What’s included:

1 X Atari VCS 2600 console (Light Sixer)

1 X  Original Atari power supply

2 X Original Atari VCS Joysticks

1 X Combat game cartridge

1 X Signed Certificate of Authenticity with serial number affirming that the unit was repaired by Retro Repair Guy

Prices are in Canadian dollars.


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