1976 Atari Pong IV – Sears Tele-Games


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1976 Atari Pong IV – Sear Tele-Games

In stock




Atari pong IV from Sears Tele-Games 1976

What’s been done:

  • New high quality electrolytic and  Ceramic capacitors from Vishay and Nichicon
  • Added IC socket for Hex inverter for easy future repair
  • New Texas Instrument Hex Inverter chip
  • Re-soldered connections on circuit board
  • Circuit board was cleaned in dishwasher
  • All switches were cleaned with electrical contact cleaner
  • Entire unit was dismantled and thoroughly cleaned
  • Dismantled paddles and cleaned potentiometers and  casings
  • Retro brighted one of the paddles

** Only two (2) paddles are included. Need two more to play four player game. **

Item was restored in episode 27 of Retro Repair Guy: https://youtu.be/oQpMx2KVrC4

NOTE: Power supply has a piece missing from its casing but functions. SEE PICTURE

What’s included:

1 X Atari Pong IV from Sears Tele-Games

1 X  Original Sear Pong power supply

1 X Signed Certificate of Authenticity affirming that the unit was repaired by Retro Repair Guy

Prices are in Canadian dollars.


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