Toshiba VHS VCR Model W603C with original remote control.

What’s been done:

  • New high quality audio capacitors from Nichicon in power supply and I/O sections of the board
  • Heads were cleaned and mechanism greased
  • New belt
  • Entire unit was dismantled and casing cleaned
  • Remote was dismantled, cleaned thoroughly and contacts were cleaned with contact cleaner

Item was restored in episode 23 of Retro Repair Guy:

NOTE: As per the video at 20:40 you will see the drum assembly has a small scratch on it but it did not affect playback during testing.

What’s included:

1 X Toshiba VHS VCR Model W603C

1 X Original Toshiba Remote Control for VCR

1 X Signed Certificate of Authenticity affirming that the unit was repaired by Retro Repair Guy

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